• Company’s financial analysis
  • Short-term and long-term financial plans assistance
  • Peer review of the existing investment portfolio
  • New investment portfolio setup advising
  • Receivables management assistance
  • Asset management
  • Advice and assistance in obtaining alternative and ordinary financial sources for companies and projects.


  • Expert advice and tax consultancy in Slovenia and the EU
  • Business overview with expert tax optimization
  • Personal and corporate tax advising


  • Advising on takeover/selling/buying companies
  • Preparation of documentation for various permits and licenses in Slovenia and the EU
  • Establishment of an alternative fund management company in the EU
  • Management of alternative investment funds in the EU
  • Establishment and management of a trust in the EU
  • Starting up businesses in the EU
  • Corporate restructuring (at domestic and abroad expansion, company’s selling and buying
  • Conducting due diligence of companies (before buying/selling).


  • Consulting and composition of corporate contracts
  • Package arrangement of human resources (HR)/ individual area
  • Systemisation of workplace with descriptions
  • Regulation of general act of the company
  • Composition of labor and civil law contracts (management, individual and regular employment contracts, business cooperation agreements, copyright agreements, temporary and occasional work...)
  • Personnel records.

  • Director SFM

    Andrej Laznik

    With flexible financial solutions according to the highest business and moral standards, as well as an agile and dynamic customer-centric approach, we want to raise the bar when setting new standards. We believe and constantly prove that our approach is superb and we are best-equipped for the challenges of the future.


    Klemen Mlakar

    In his varied career Klemen has led and successfully managed assets of big investors. He is an expert in setting strategies, designing risk processes, and leading companies to financial stability. Klemen has seen numerous complex restructurings to successful ends, and led some of the most important merger projects in the region.


    Boštjan Klinec

    Boštjan is an expert with more than 20 years of international experience in insurance, banking, asset management, and leading investment funds. He has successfully led multiple projects focused on opening new markets, leading new companies abroad, and, once there, expanding them into local success stories.

    Director Superos Fund Management

    Andrej Laznik

    In his diverse and extensive career, Andrej has more than 30 years of experience in leading large companies, establishing optimal organisationsand processes after company mergers, directing optimisation processes and streamlining expenses, all with the goal of cementing financial and business success.

    Head of Back Office

    Tanja Močnik

    Tanja has over 20 years of experience at ALTA Invest and Poteza d.o.o.. Her expertise ranges from managing all the company‘s internal processes to leading its sales network. She has successfully run and integrated an enviable number of developmental projects.

    Sales Director

    Mateja Zavadlal

    Throughout her more than 20-year career, Mateja has acquired extensive experience in both the public and private sectors in Slovenia and abroad. She built her career in management by leading mergers, directing financial and organisational restructurings, and leading companies in a variety of fields. Mateja is focused on establishing a company’s culture, streamlining business processes and building strong, successful teams.


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