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SUPEROS PRIVATE DEBT is an alternative investment fund (AIF), which invests assets in structured loan portfolios of companies with high growth potential. The AIF will be formed as a separate asset within Superos Fund Management d.o.o. and will be entered in the register of alternative investment funds with the Slovenian Securities Market Agency.

Superos Private Debt is a specially designed loan structured according to the needs of a borrower-company facing temporary liquidity problems.

The structure of Superos Private Debt on the one hand reduces bank indebtedness and at the same time increases the company’s current liquidity, thus providing the company with adequate time to implement activities that resolve the business problems that led to the liquidity difficulties.

Superos Private Debt’s structure also takes into account the interests of the banks that finance the companies.

Superos uses the expertise of its (internal and external) experts to help design activities to resolve the business problems that have arisen and, where necessary, to assist in implementation.

Upon successful implementation of the action plan, the company will be able to resume normal operations and refinance itself through bank loans and repay Superos Private Debt, without the negative impact of the past difficulties on the banks’ credit rating.